Watching Warhol

The art of Andy Warhol arrives in Manchester this week with The Whitworth’s new exhibition. These five clips feature interviews with Warhol over the years and reveal an artist who'd often rather let his work do the talking.

Part of the Artist Rooms initiative, the exhibition opens on 19 November 2016 and runs until 1 April 2017 at The Whitworth in Manchester. For more information take a look at our What To See guide.

Andy Warhol & Edie Sedgwick on the Merv Griffin Show, 1965

In this early interview, Warhol initially takes a vow of silence, only whispering his responses to Sedgwick, who answers for him. He eventually warms up a little to give the host a few one-word responses to his questions about Pop art, Brillo boxes and Campbell's soup cans.

Interview, 1966

Just one year later, Warhol was interviewed about his work again. Sat in front of one of his Elvis screen prints, he tells the interviewer: 'You should just tell me the words and I can repeat them, because I'm so empty today I can't think of anything.'

Warhol and the Factory

In this clip Warhol is interviewed about his film-making alongside members of the Factory collective. Again, he keeps his answers brief and cryptic: 'Any camera that takes a picture turns out alright.'

Warhol in London

Years later in London and Warhol is still being quizzed by reporters about Brillio boxes and soup cans. His reply: 'Everybody paints the same picture over and over again anyway.'

Warhol eats a burger

Yes, here's Andy eating a burger. That's it.

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