DACS Foundation selects artist group for Art360 project

The group, comprised of 26 artists, has been awarded £200,000 by DACS to take part in an ambitious archiving project, with support from Art Fund.

Art360 aims to support the development and sustainability of artists’ archives. Over the course of three years, DACS Foundation's project, which is supported by Art Fund, will work with 100 modern and contemporary British artists to explore how cultural heritage in the visual arts can be safeguarded for future generations.

The initial 26 artists are: David Batchelor, Richard Billingham, Rut Blees Luxemburg, Michelle Charles, Adam Chodzko, Peter de Francia Estate, Angela de la Cruz, Cathy de Monchaux, Jeffrey Dennis, Maggie Evans Estate, Susanna Heron, John Hilliard, Alexis Hunter Estate, John Latham Archive, Goshka Macuga, Hayley Newman, Keith Piper, Jacqueline Poncelet, Franklyn Rodgers, Eva Rothschild, Terry Smith, Sarah Staton, Anne Tallentire, David Ward, Alison Wilding, and Austin Wright Estate.

This group will join join Bettina Buck, Maria Chevska, Rose English, Jeff Keen Estate, Liliane Lijn, Barbara Steveni, and Edward Woodman, who are already participating in the project.

The £200,000 award made directly invests in the artists, and it will also be used in the production of film interviews, directed by artist and filmmaker David Bickerstaff. Each artist that has been chosen offers a different set of obstacles in planning artistic legacy, and the project aims to educate future generations of artists in how to best plan their own legacies.

Alison Wilding, one of the artists selected, said: 'I am aware of the complexities surrounding a legacy and my attitude up to now has been "when you're dead, you're dead".'

Another artist, Adam Chodzko, said: 'I am currently solely responsible for my own archive. I can't delegate it to someone else because I need to be present for every aspect of its cataloguing in order to ensure the accuracy, relationships and significance of its parts through how they connect to the whole body of work.'

The artists were selected by a panel comprised of artists Liliane Lijn, Thomson & Craighead, and Simon Callery, as well as the CEO of DACS, Gilane Tawadros.

Peter Heslip, director of visual arts at Arts Council England, praised the project: 'We are delighted with the selection of artists for this seminal programme. It is vital not only to preserve the physical and intellectual contents of these artists’ archives but to empower them to be author of their own legacies. It should leave us all the richer.'

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