Art Fund statement about the EU referendum

We are concerned about the impact on museums and galleries should the UK leave the EU.

The EU’s Creative Europe programme granted millions of pounds to UK cultural and creative organisations in 2014‐15. At a time when the fate of the majority of museums and galleries is already quite precarious, leaving the EU could spell the further loss of what has been a crucial funding stream, especially those which are dedicated to developing regional areas.

It feels highly unlikely that this funding stream would be replaced by government. There is also the issue of what leaving the EU might mean for the status of some of our museum staff. Being part of the EU facilitates a rich level of knowledge, research, personnel and ideas, bolstering the reputation of UK museums, galleries and collections as being some of the finest in the world.

Leaving the EU could lead to a very inward‐looking and insular perspective, and one that could have a harmful impact on international visitor figures and outward profile of not just our museums and galleries, but the cities which are so animated by them.

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