Applications for Art360 are now open

Visual artists from across the UK can apply to participate in DACS Foundation's ambitious public project for artists’ archives, supported by the Art Fund.

Art360 aims to support the development and sustainability of artists’ archives. Over the course of three years, DACS Foundation's project will work with 100 modern and contemporary British artists to explore how cultural heritage in the visual arts can be safeguarded for future generations. From today, artists can apply to participate in Art360. On offer is a budget of up to £6,000, and a range of expert advice and technical support for sustainably managing artists’ legacies.

An increasing amount of art exists in new forms, which has disrupted the traditional modes of collection and preservation. Art360 aims to tackle legacy planning in this new landscape by pooling together the expertise of key cultural institutions including DACS Foundation, the Henry Moore Foundation and the Art Fund.

There will be three rounds of annual open submissions, with a selection panel choosing 30 to 40 artists each time. Those who are selected will join artists Bettina Buck, Maria Chevska, Rose English, Jeff Keen Estate, Liliane Lijn, Barbara Steveni, and Edward Woodman, who are already taking part in the project’s pilot phase. They were invited to participate due to their continued contribution to British culture, the wide range of their artistic practices, their varied backgrounds, and mixed experiences in managing their own archives and legacies.

Keir McGuinness, chair of DACS Foundation, said: ‘Art360 celebrates the UK’s cultural heritage, promotes best practice for artists for their own archiving and legacy planning, and makes accessible new cultural content to the British public. Working with 100 artists and their diverse archives, Art360 will be one of the most significant projects for setting the future course of best practice legacy planning in the UK.’

The first round of applications is open until 4 April.

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