Leamington Spa Art Gallery to home works from George Watson bequest

Two Victorian paintings and 12 Dutch and Flemish artworks have been acquired by the gallery with support from the Art Fund.

Fourteen artworks, which include notable paintings by Cornelius van Poelenburgh and David Teniers, the Younger, were bequeathed to the nation by the collector and English don George Watson. Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum has been selected by the Art Fund to receive the paintings as they will complement other great works in the collection from the same periods.

“They will play an important role in building the collection here for the future.”

  • Dr Chloe Johnson
  • Senior curator at Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum

Dr Chloe Johnson, senior curator, commented: ‘These new artworks are not only beautiful and significant in themselves, but they will play an important role in building the collection here for the future, enabling visitors to gain an excellent view of two important moments in art history.’

The collection of Dutch and Flemish works at Leamington Spa already includes pieces by Adam Willaerts, Abraham Bloemaert and Godfried Schalcken. By extending it, the gallery will be able to fill notable gaps in the collection and better illustrate the period for visiting scholars and students. Launching in autumn, the Dutch works will feature in the new display of the permanent art collection.

The two Victorian paintings, The Interior of the Kitchen at Rectory Farm, Ewell, by William Holman Hunt and A Sketch for ‘Doubtful Fortune’ by Abraham Solomon, will make the perfect addition to paintings by Simeon Solomon and fellow late 19th-century artists already in the collection.

Full list of acquired works:

  • David Teniers, the Younger, The Temptation of St Anthony, oil on panel
  • Studio of Leonard Bramer, Christ among the Doctors
  • Jan Asselyn, An extensive Italianate river landscape with ruined town and travellers
  • German School c.1600, Venus with Putti, Nymph and Satyr
  • Studio of Willem Drost, Head of Christ
  • Circle of Cornelius van Poelenburgh, Flight of Cloelia from Rome
  • Cornelius van Poelenburgh, Mary Magdalene in the Desert
  • Lodewyck van Ludick, An Italianate landscape with cattle, drovers and a fountain on the right
  • Nicholaes Moeyaert, Rachel and Laban
  • Pieter Molyn, Landscape with Hawkers
  • Attributed to Jacob Toorenvlier, An Allegory of Poetry
  • Attributed to Hendrick van Vliet, Christ with Nicodemus
  • Abraham Solomon, A sketch for Doubtful Fortune
  • William Holman Hunt, The Interior of the Kitchen at Rectory Farm, Ewell
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