I Love Museums campaign launches

Public asked to share, sign and snap to demonstrate love for UK museums.

‘I love to go to museums and galleries... it nourishes your creative soul’, said the fashion designer Marc Jacobs. Today marks the launch of I Love Museums, an advocacy campaign which gives the public a platform to share why they also love museums. The campaign aims to demonstrate to politicians and policymakers public support for museums and galleries.

Ran by the National Museum Directors’ Council (NMDC), the campaign comes at a challenging time for museums as they face increased pressure to reduce budgets. Despite ever-increasing number of visitors, these world-class cultural institutions are likely to face another round of government spending cuts; this campaign wants to not only demonstrate but measure the depth of support for museums across the UK.

To get involved, you can sign up to the campaign to show politicians that the UK public believe museums should be funded and supported by national and local governments. You can also share stories with #ILoveMuseums or write a letter to your MP or council. Museums are also urged to take an active part in the campaign and encourage their visitors to stand up and say why they love museums.

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