Wedgwood appeal raises £700,000 from public

We're thrilled to announce that the first two weeks of our appeal to save the Wedgwood Collection have been a huge success.

So far 4,000 members of the public have helped us to raise £700,000 (included match-funding donated by a charitable trust) towards saving the Wedgwood Collection, which is in danger of being separated and sold off. This incredible response has helped us to unlock further pledges of substantial support from major donors, trusts and foundations in the UK.

Our director, Stephen Deuchar, said: 'Wide popular support is always critical to the overall success of a campaign. Major institutional and private donors often follow the lead of the public at large – and this amazing total of £700,000 from thousands of small gifts has led to a series of new and substantial additional donations. Pledges of £10 via text are proving incredibly popular. And of course the most widespread donation – at £25 – in fact represents £50 in the overall fundraised figures, thanks to the match-funding provided by a private trust. Although we have some way to go to reach our £2.74m
target, the early signs are hugely promising. We just need people to keep pledging, and keep donating.'

Although our nationwide campaign has attracted donations from across the globe, a fifth of public donations have come from the Midlands, testifying to the regional significance of the world-class Wedgwood Collection.

Local resident Carol Cullen, who has donated to the appeal, said: 'I worked for Wedgwood for 42 years as showroom manager until I retired in 2007. I feel personally connected to the Collection because it was my responsibility to ensure that items which had been on display in the showroom were passed on to the Posterity Collection in the Museum, once the edition had been sold or the range discontinued. Many of my pieces that are in the collection are now under threat. I hope and would encourage everyone who reads this to donate, by texting £10 or donating more if they can. Every pound is important.'

Another local pensioner has said that she donated £10 to the appeal, a reflection of the 'fond memories of visiting the museum on more than one occasion to look at all of the beautiful ceramics.'

We are working with major donors, trusts and foundations on further pledges, and aim to give a further appeal update before the end of the month.

Text WEDGWOOD to 70800 to give £10 or donate online. We have until 30 November to raise the £2.74m needed to secure the Collection. Find out more.

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