Edible Masterpieces events round-up

From kids' cooking in Middlesbrough to gourmet marshmallows in London, we round up the best public events planned for Edible Masterpieces so far.

1. mima, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art
10 – 11.30 am, 8 May

As part of their 'mini mima' series of events for children aged four and under and their parents or carers, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art is hosting a cake-decorating event to support Edible Masterpieces. The event is open to the public, but you need to book – entry is £3.50 a child and all proceeds go to the Art Fund.

2. Craft Studio and Glass Works, Newland
11am – 6pm, 9 May

Cumbria's Craft Studio and Glass Works is hosting a day-long event, inviting people to drop in to enjoy tea and coffee with a slice of one of their own Edible Masterpieces. Visitors are invited to bring along their own edible creations to enter into the competition, with the best cake winning a glass fusing workshop for its creator. Entry costs £3, and goes toward supporting the Art Fund's charitable activities.

3. Firstsite Art Gallery, Colchester
11 am – 1 pm, 2 pm – 4 pm, 10 May

Colchester's leading contemporary art venue is known for its stunning architecture and cutting-edge exhibitions. Now – for one day only – the gallery is adding culinary artworks to its displays. Firstsite's Edible Masterpieces workshop is open to families and the general public, with everything on show available for visitors to buy – from biscuits resembling paintings to cakes inspired by the gallery's iconic architecture.

4. Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery, Leeds
1.30 – 4 pm, 24 May

Organised by the University of Leeds, the city's Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery is teaming up with the Love Rouge bakery to put on this Edible Masterpieces event – in their own words, 'the best excuse you'll ever find to eat cake!' Jigsaw puzzle pieces of cake will be available for attendees to decorate and, once finished, the pieces will be assembled to recreate a work of art found within the gallery. A £2 minimum donation is requested.

​Want to find out more about Edible Masterpieces, or host your own fundraising event? Find out more on the Edible Masterpieces microsite.

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