Edible Masterpieces

Fundraising for art – it's a piece of cake! Today the Art Fund is launching a delicious new fundraising initiative.

Love art? Bake art! Today we are launching a brand-new fundraising initiative that encourages art lovers to create Edible Masterpieces and to raise money for the Art Fund, which supports hundreds of museums and galleries around the UK.

Get together with your friends, family or colleagues on Friday 9 May to see who can make the most amazing edible creation inspired by your favourite work of art or cultural icon. You could decorate a cake to look like a contemporary artwork, bake a biscuit that resembles an Old Master painting or make a pie inspired by a landmark building. And if you’re not a dab hand in the kitchen, you can recreate a whole host of artworks with uncooked ingredients, such as vegetables, fruit or cheese.

The Edible Masterpieces site is now live at, jam-packed with recipes and downloadable extras. Plus, you can sign up for a free fundraising pack, which contains almost everything you need to run your own event, such as recipes, fundraising tips, stickers and a poster.

Campaign co-ordinator, Katharine Richards, says, 'We're hoping to inspire people, through the medium of food, to raise money for our national museums and galleries. What could be more fun than recreating your favourite work of art out of simple ingredients you have in your fridge – which you can then eat!'

Don't forget to share your creations on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #ediblemasterpieces – we'll be sharing them with our followers.

Sign up for Edible Masterpieces.

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