Museum gifts for kids

From a Lego Guggenheim to a palaeontologist-approved cuddly dinosaur, we've chosen our favourite five presents for children who love museums.

1. Lego Architecture: Guggenheim Museum
£31.49, John Lewis

Aside from being the world's largest tyre manufacturer, Denmark's most popular toy company has been fuelling children's creativity for over 60 years. This model of Frank Lloyd Wright's modernist masterpiece is a perfect present for any aspiring artists or architects.

2. T rex soft toy
£16, Natural History Museum shop

You never forget your first visit to the Natural History Museum's dinosaur room, and now this cuddly T rex toy lets you take a piece of the Cretaceous home with you. Made in conjunction with the museum's Palaeontology Department, this plush predator isn't just a perfect Christmas gift – it's also one of the most scientifically accurate toys on the market!

3. Philosopher's stone print
£44.99, Seven Stories shop

This poster features the full text from the first book in the Harry Potter series, printed on beautiful heavy paper in light-fast ink. The design incorporates the hero's trademark taped glasses and owl, and everything bought from the Seven Stories shop helps support the UK's national centre of children's books.

4. From Mud Huts to Skyscrapers
£12.99, Hepworth Wakefield shop

It may take seven years to qualify as an architect, but this wonderfully illustrated book makes architecture accessible to seven-year-olds. Beautiful watercolours tell the history of architecture from the earliest buildings to the present day, via Gaudi and Bauhaus – a perfect introduction for any budding Richard Rogers.

5. Horniman Walrus soft toy
£8.50 (small)/£12 (large), Horniman Museum and Gardens shop

One of the only museum displays in the UK with its own Twitter feed, the Horniman's famously overstuffed walrus has been a family favourite since it first went on display over a century ago. Following a lengthy social media campaign, the walrus is finally available as a soft toy in the museum's shop – a perfect gift for fans of the Victorian museum.

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