Five art e-books

From Kusama on a Kindle to Phaidon on your iPad, bring a touch of art to your tablet with our five essential e-books.

1. Infinity Net: The Autobiography of Yayoi Kusama
​£6.47, Kindle Store

As intense and exhilarating as Kusama herself, this revealing autobiography details the Japanese artist's life, from her participation in New York's avant-garde art scene to her lifelong struggles with hallucinations.

2. Elizabeth Lunday, The Modern Art Invasion
£13.72, Kindle Store; £10.80, Google Play

The follow-up to Secret Lives of Great Artists, the Modern Art Invasion tells the story of how modern art changed the world by following the rivalry of two of its biggest personalities: Pablo Picasso and Marcel Duchamp.

3. Martin Hammer, Francis Bacon
£6.99, iBookstore/iTunes

Part of Phaidon's Focus series for tablets, this interactive iBook allows readers to move seamlessly between essays on Bacon's work, a chronology of his career, and zoomable images of some of his greatest paintings.

4. John Berger, Ways of Seeing

£6.99, Google Play

Based on his influential 1972 television series, John Berger's enduring meditation on art history has stepped into the digital age as an e-book.

5. Edmund de Waal, The Hare With Amber Eyes
£6.64, Kindle Store; £7.49, Google Play

This family biography from one of Britain's greatest ceramicists follows the story of a collection of netsuke – miniature Japanese sculptures – to explore history, identity, and de Waal's own views on the importance of craft.

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