Museums and galleries more popular than ever

This week, the Department for Culture, Media & Sport reported that visits to museums and galleries in England are at an all-time high.

From budget cuts to closures, the art world has become accustomed to bad news – but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel: this week the DCMS reported that museums and galleries in England are more popular than ever.

According to official statistics, in the past year over half of all adults in England have visited a museum or art gallery and 78 per cent have attended or participated in the arts – with the biggest increases happening in the North East, North West and the East Midlands. Interestingly, people living in rural areas engaged more with the arts than those from urban areas.

Heritage sites have proved particularly popular – a massive 72 per cent of adults have visited at least one in the past year, and a third have visited three or four.

Culture Secretary Maria Miller said, “These new figures show once again just how important the nation’s arts and culture are to people. They inspire, delight and excite us, helping everyone – young and old – to understand their place in the world.”

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