Cornelia Parker's mermaid bought for Folkestone

The Folkestone Mermaid, a sculpture by Cornelia Parker modelled on a resident of the town, has been bought for the people of Folkestone with help from the Art Fund.

Inspired by Copenhagen's 'little mermaid', the sculpture was created for the 2011 Folkestone Triennial. Parker dropped adverts requesting a model through 20,000 letterboxes, shortlisting 50 people before finally choosing Folkestone resident Georgina Baker as the basis for the mermaid.

The statue is installed in Folkestone harbour, looking out over the sea. It has been bought for the people of Folkestone with money from the Art Fund and the Roger De Haan Charitable Trust.

Stephen Deuchar, director of the Art Fund, said: “The Folkestone Mermaid is a beautiful work of sculpture, rooted in the life and spirit of Folkestone. The Art Fund was delighted to assist with its purchase.”

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