Help save Henry Moore's Old Flo

Act now to help keep Henry Moore's iconic sculpture Draped Seated Woman on public display and prevent it being sold by Tower Hamlets Council.

You will no doubt be aware that Tower Hamlets Council plans to press ahead with the sale of Henry Moore’s Draped Seated Woman to raise money towards its budget deficit. From artists to members of the local community, there has been strong opposition to this decision. We need your support to ensure this important work of art remains where Henry Moore wanted it to, on public view.

The Museum of London has proposed that its London Docklands site display the sculpture, which not only concurs with the spirit in which the artist originally made the sale but also preserves it as a part of the capital's cultural heritage. Join us in helping this great sculpture find a fitting new home.

How you can help

There are three small but essential actions you can take to help raise awareness and demonstrate the mass public affection there clearly is for the sculpture:

1. Email the Mayor, Lutfur Rahman, directly at Just add your name at the end of our suggested text and copy us in at

2. Sign the petition. Over 2,000 local residents including artist Rachel Whiteread have signed a petition against the sale, but we need more people to make their views heard.

3. Download and display our Save Old Flo poster. Print it out and pop it in your window; the more people hear about it, the more support and momentum the campaign will gather.

Old Flo

This is an important work of art, which the artist effectively part-gifted to local people. The Art Fund believes the Council has no right to sell the work, which would go against Henry Moore’s wishes.

Henry Moore sold the sculpture to the London County Council (LCC) in the 1960s at a greatly reduced price on the condition it was displayed within the area. The sculpture was sited within the Stifford Housing Estate, Stepney Green, where it was popularly known as ‘Old Flo’. After the estate was demolished in 1997 it was put on display at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, where it has remained ever since.

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