Make Dream the pride of Merseyside

Dream, a monumental sculpture in St Helens commissioned by a group of ex-miners, has been short-listed for the 2010 Merseyside Civic Pride Award.

Dream was created in 2009 as part of the Channel 4 Big Art Project – a nationwide initiative championing public engagement in public art. The project was televised in a four-part television series charting the commissioning process of public art by local communities. We helped make Dream happen with a £181,000 grant.

St Helens was one of seven locations selected by an expert panel. It was put forward by a group of ex-miners who believed they could make a difference to their community through public art. They worked closely with renowned artist Jaume Plensa to create a landmark new sculpture.

We’re delighted that the beautiful work has been nominated for the prestigious award. But we need your help.

Help make Dream the pride of Merseyside by voting here.

Dream - facts and figures

Dream is located on the site of the former Sutton Manor Colliery in St Helens. It overlooks junction 7 on the busy M62 motorway and is midway between the region's two urban and cultural hubs of Liverpool and Manchester.

On average, 100,000 vehicles pass Dream daily, equating to more than 35 million vehicles each year.

History of Dream

Working alongside internationally acclaimed artist Jaume Plensa, the ex-miners in St Helens came up with the idea of Dream. Measuring 20 metres high, the sculpture takes the form of a girl’s head with her eyes closed, in a seemingly dream-like state. The work is designed to reflect the mining history of St Helens, whilst also looking forward to a bright future. Created using a white marble and concrete mix, the work is inspired in part by the Latin motto "ex terra lucem" found on the town’s original coat of arms. The motto translates roughly as "From the ground, light"

In Jaume Plensa’s words, "Despite her wonderful vantage point and view, the girl's eyes are closed, looking inward. This is in part my homage to the miners and their dream of light when underground."

The deadline for votes is Friday 1 October, so please be quick!



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