English Heritage unveils rare painting at Chiswick House

English Heritage unveiled a newly acquired painting at Chiswick House on the 12 September entitled 'A view of Chiswick House from the south-west' by the renowned Dutch landscape artist Pieter Andreas Rysbrack.

The magnificent painting was acquired thanks to a £45,455 grant from The Art Fund, and further grants from the NHMF, Friends of Chiswick House and a number of private individuals.

Rysbrack was one of the18th-century’s most prominent landscape painters, and his striking painting of Chiswick House demonstrates an exceptional example of British architecture shown in all its glory. The picture is particularly unusual because it depicts the Old and the New House and shows the remains of the formal landscape that existed before it was swept away and replaced by the more naturalized style of landscape that can be seen today.

The painting will go on permanent display in the Green Velvet Room at the house, alongside five of the original ‘Bedingfeld set’ which were originally commissioned by Lady Bedingfeld, and have already been acquired by English Heritage.

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