Portugal: Azulejos & Gardens

  • | Art Fund Tour
  • 12–17 March 2013

 Monserrate Palace - Portugal

A reflection on Portugal's architectural and artistic 'golden age' in its cultural heartland.

This delightful tour explores the city of Lisbon and the surrounding countryside, Portugal's intellectual and cultural heartland. Here, exceptional manueline buildings, fine medieval monasteries and churches, exquisite azulejos, splendid palaces and gardens, and sprawling private country estates are a reflection of the country's architectural and artistic 'golden age' in the 16th century.

The journey begins in Lisbon itself, a delightful city of contracts with its steep hills, cobbled streets, expansive squares and elegant buildings. Most notable are its outstanding museums, including the Museu do Azulejo, a fascinating showcase for the famous Portuguese tile work.

Then moving on to the charming town of Sintra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site famed for its romantic architecture and the beauty of its setting, described by Lord Byron as a 'glorious Eden'. Exploring the town itself and the surrounding hills which are dotted with royal retreats, extravagant villas and expansive Quintas (renaissance-style palaces and gardens), each a glorious reflection of Portugal's past.

Tour leader Antonia Lloyd Owen

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Tour prices £1,590 per person.

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